The BYBASS Level Two

Detailed description

Our long term experience in wide array of  recording studio tasks like mixing, mastering and most of all, tracking have allowed us to construct hi fi speakers that can be appreciated both by home Music lovers and working audio professionals. They fulfill dreams of many audiophiles but maintain fidelity and parameters that are indispensable in studio work. What is most important, they have ability to show much more detail of a recording then regular studio monitors or many Hi End home speakers. The design of Bybass Level Two speakers contains over thirty construction axioms that have positive influence on sound reproduction. Those axioms are looked after and demanded in hi fi audio community for years.

We have came forward those demands and built speakers of  simple, elegant design and exceptional quality of sound reproduction. Our design philosophy purposely puts aside any cheap materials and affordable production methods. We concentrate only on achieving highest sound reproduction fidelity possible.

The result of such approach is Bybass Level Two - speakers built with care to the smallest element. Built from best materials available. Built with use of highly modern production methods and machinery. And finished with pride by human hands of highly qualified craftsmen.


Starting from fine woods for cabinets, through choice of best quality metal for speaker parts and finishing on smallest details of hand finishing those speakers represent truly master quality of built and great quality of reproduced Music.

Finest, hand selected kinds of solid wood

Speaker cabinets have many in common with musical instruments. Although theoretically the material of cabinet should not have any influence on sound, and if it does it is a bad thing, in practice use of real wood greatly enhances the sound making it in a very pleasing, natural way. Just like a good violin can not make it's sound without right wood chosen for it's body, the speaker, which have to reproduce much wider array of various sound than a violin, benefit from good wood in it's construction. Coming from this conclusion we have decided to use wood, and although this is very difficult material to work with, the gain from it's use in beyond discussion.

From acoustic jazz to bird's songs, to human voices everything sounds better when working with wooden cabinet. We also use double layer of wood in cabinet walls to join the best of both words - soft richness of spruce and crystal clear vibration of hard woods such as ash or oak. The layer of soft wood also contributes to better acoustic wave dissipation inside the cabinet, because sound waves must come through softer wood first, then they bounce off outer hardwood skin of the cabinet and again are dissipated in soft spruce.

The wood works great with bronze basket speakers used in the Bybass Level Two enclosures. They have AlNiCo magnets and cellulose cones that are able to show slight details of sound. Musical aspects such as depth, resolution, transient response, imaging and more all are benefiting from using wood and speakers of such quality.  Emotional content and naturalness of recordings thus are reproduced in a very unique, distinctive way.

wood board 1
front wall up 2
wood and plate 6

Cellulose cone speakers

paper cones

Cellulose is optimal material for hi-sensitivity and very natural sounding speaker cones.  As wood-based material it ideally composes with wooden enclosures making up a musically balanced whole. In Bybass Level Two speakers specially designed speakers are used. The were designed with responsiveness and fidelity in mind. Our "freed sound" philosophy is aimed at achieving sound that is free from acoustic and electronic coloration.

In order to eliminate bad interactions between speakers and cabinnets they are mounted on natural cork gaskets cut by laser and fit to wood with use of brass screws.

Bybass Level Two speakers stands on solid granite or marble plate. The spikes are placed in special vibration damping system called Bybass Flexi Float system. It contains of special stands that can make micro-vibrations in horizontal plane. Therefore the cabinet is not transferring its own vibrations into the stone plate which improves sound significantly.

Sycamore wood bodies of hi frequency speakers

Hi frequency drivers have sycamore wood bodies and different magnet materials. While the dome speaker uses AlNiCo the tube speaker uses neodymium magnets. Working in tandem those speakers are able to cover wider pallette of hi frequency sound then regular single speaker. Sycamore as wood used in violin building is exceptional acting wood when it comes to high frequencies. Therefore the sound of both units is warmer and more natural then conventionally used plastic or metal. It significantly improves purity and coloration of higher frequencies of reproduced sounds. It also composes well with paper cone speakers and wooden cabinets.

Thanks to use of  extra heavy brass back chambers milled from solid blocks of metal both hi frequency speakers can sound purer and be free of acoustic feedback and resonances.

Wide emplying of silver and rhodium both in internal connections points and cable terminal ports

Internal connections are made with use of our Bybass Supraphonic ribbon cables with paper and wax insulation. They are ideally suited to Horus Gold speakers and make use of all of their potential. Connections are made by hand in point-to-point method without use of any printed boards. The points of connection are soldered with special lead-free solder with silver and gold addition. Terminals are machined from hi purity copper then covered with layers of silver and rhodium to protect them from oxidation. Bi-wiring jumpers are made of pure silver plates covered with rhodium.

Unique acoustic solutions for best sound resolution and natural warmness

We have incorporated many innovations into the Bybass Level Two speakers. Rear panel has special openings that enable middle frequency driver to project sound waves both forward and rearward. This resembles projection of sound sources in nature. Musical acoustic instruments like violins, Spanish guitars, saxophones or drums all project sound omnidirectionally and not only to the front. Therefore it is more close to real thing for speaker cabinet to do the same.  This way the sound can have similar qualities as recorded original source and can reflect its character more closely.

Wooden internal enclosure that separates the mid frequency unit from the rest of speakers also constitutes Triflex Bassreflex system which is specially designed acoustic solution to make bass both powerful and free from cabinet coloration.

Carefully designed and placed internal damping contain natural materials like fleece and cork wood. Bass unit works in it's own acoustic chamber which is designed to deliver natural and responsive bass.

Carefully chosen and placed deafening materials consisting of well proven solutions

For internal sound damping carefullu chosen natural materials are used. They are placed in critical places to make damping effective yet not obtrusive to sound. The damping ensures optimal acoustic characteristics for the cabinet and cooperates well with natural wood cabinets providing proper response for the speakers.

Acoustic environments basing on natural materials has significant influence on sound quality and its perception by human ears. In conjunction with cellulose cones and fabric hi frequency domes it produces ideally harmonized acoustics and is capable of  reproducing wide array of sounds without negative coloration.

Hand selected and paired highest quality electronic crossover components

Crossovers are beside acoustic properties of enclosures and driver units the most important part of the whole system. It decisevely influences the quality of sound.  Bybass Level Two speakers are equipped with crossovers carefully made in our factory, that base on hand wound ribbon coils, and paired elements like graphite resistors and aluminum and oil capacitors. They are built without use of any printed boards and soldered by hand using pont-to-point method to avoid any interactions between elements.

Bybass Horus Line Gold - paper cone transducers with special phase correctors, AlNiCo magnets and distortion-free construction

Cellulose is well proven material in hi fi applications and over the years it delivered probably most faithful sound reproduction that is superior to other materials like aluminum, ceramics, plastics, Kevlar or carbon fiber.  However, the quality of cellulose cone is dependent on various factors like density of fibers or voice coil materials. Carcass and wire size and quality or wounding methods also influence sound of such cone. Bybass Level Two speakers contain our own driver units Bybass Horus Line Gold, built around paper carcass of voice coil and foam upper suspension. It enables them to reproduce very detailed sound in warm and natural way. Moreover, our speaker units are deprived of standard dust cups and use special aluminum phase correctors instead.  It additionally improves speaker's transient response, and ensures adequate speed when needed.

speaker phase plug 3
Głośniki szarości

Rigid aircraft grade aluminum CNC milled speaker rings

Massive aluminum rings are fixing drivers to cabinet and provide finishing touch. They raise the mass of speakers and stiffen them additionally. It adds to even better cleansing sound from vibration based coloration.

rings 4
rings 5

Hi efficiency subwoofer unit in bottom part of cabinet housed in solid 1 1/4 inch aluminum plate with Bybass Flexi Float stand system

Bybass Level Two speakers have specially designed bass unit that is housed horizontally in the bottom of cabinet. It helps in reproducion the lowest frequencies. The speaker unit is fixed to heavy 2 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate with spikes which rest on Flexi Float system. Thanks to this driver total RMS power of our speakers reach 165 watts RMS per side. The Flexi Float stands system dissipates vibrations in horizontal plane so the cabinet is not colored by stone or floor.


Highest class finish including hand stained and varnished cabinets

Bybass Level Two line distinguishes itself from other speakers by hand finishing methods, many innovative solutions and very hi build quality.  This includes hand staining and varnishing performed according to traditional methods used in production of exclusive furniture and musical instruments like violins.  Human hand touch has that something added and compliments the whole process of building the Bybass Level Two speaker.

varnish handcraft 9