Hi Fidelity's ultimate goal is reproducing sound in such a way the original and reproduced sounds are unrecognizable. This applies to reproducing an extreme pallette of sounds - from Nature's birds and human voices to synthetic complex mixtures of sequenced music of 21'st century. And all in between.

This has never been an easy task. However, on course of that quest certain discoveries have been made, and some conclusions have been drawn. Some materials are better suited to faithful sound reproduction than others. Some acoustic designs are working better and closer to ideal than their counterparts. Some electronic solutions are right, some are bad and some are righteous.


When building Hi Fi speakers we keep in mind one major approach: to free up speakers and cabinets from bad resonances and acoustic coloration. That is why we use extra heavy bronze speaker baskets and specially shaped phase correctors instead of ordinary dust cups. Continuing this philosophy we allowed mid range speaker to fire backwards through specially shaped wooden acoustic chamber. Plus we designed interior of cabinets to have three chambers for better low frequency response. We called it Triflex Bass Reflex System. It allows the low frequencies to be more natural and the lowest bass to have no coloration from enclosure. Additionally, we have designed and built special vibration reducing system that works in conjunction with solid, brass spikes and natural granite or marble. We called it Flexi Float System and it does great job in freeing the cabinet from standing waves and greatly improves fidelity of reproduction.  This revolutionary solution makes much more truthful projection possible, which is a hard to overprize factor in true Hi Fi.

Using these principles we have achieved one major goal; the sound which is freed from acoustic distortion, faithful to original audio signal that is delivered from your amplifier.

That is why we called our company Bybass Freed Sound. We work for you to bring up the best sound possible and we never stop doing that. Not today. Not tomorrow.

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