Hi Fi speaker line for the people not liking compromises

All the construction details are subordinated to achieving possibly best, entirely natural sound

  • 100% natural woods, bronze, brass and silver
  • elegant, hand finished cabinets built from selected spruce, oak ash or other quality woods
  • cellulose diaphragms used in our own transducers Bybass Horus Line Gold Series
  • hi frequency speakers have housings made of finest sycamore wood. They work in tube-dome tandem for ideal spectral characteristics
  • the sound created with "freed sound" philosophy in mind, that is free of both acoustic and electronic distortion. Natural, fast and precise sound, with warmth and musicality of cobalt AlNiCo magnets

Numerous years of quest for great sound, tests and experiments have brought faithful and perfect sound results. The Bybass Level Two speakers.