About us

Our long time experience in studio music production such as mixing and mastering allowed us to construct Hi Fi speakers reaching Hi End class, which are fulfillment of dreams of many audiophiles or music professionals.  Our speakers contain more then thirty axioms/construction principles that all consist on superior sound of the Bybass Level Two speakers.  We have included very musically sounding AlNiCo magnets and specially designed cellulose cones that are looked after in the audio communities. We came forward to various expectations building speaker cabinets that are exceptionally elegant and have very hi fidelity of sound reproduction. Our construction conception purposely gets rid of any cheap methods of manufacturing parts and assemblies. We concentrate only on highest quality and best possible sound of reproduced Music.

The result is Bybass Level Two speaker line - speakers that are built with highest possible care for even slightest nuances of sound. They are bult from the best material available. Built with use of most modern and advanced production technologies, with use of highly precise CNC numeric milling and laser cutting. They are assembled and finished with pride by the best craftsmen. Therefore each piece of Bybass Level Two speakers is provided with own Certificate of Authenticity, with hand written serial numbers and signatures of it's constructors.

Beginning from finest solid woods used for our cabinets thru our own, unique Bybass Horus Line Gold Series transducers that use warmth and musicality of AlNiCo magnets, to slightest details of assembly and finish, such as hand varnished cabinets those speakers are representing truly master quality of build and perfectly faithful fidelity of reproduced Music.

Because this particular  kind of art does not accept compromises.
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